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Where the world of dogs and photography come together through

 to capture the essence and beauty of our beloved four-legged friends. 

Welcome to my website, a haven where the art of dog photography comes to life. Since 2010, I embarked on this remarkable journey as a humble hobby. The fusion of my genuine love for dogs and my unwavering passion for photography has become a powerful combination that fuels my every frame.

With a genuine love for dogs and a creative eye for photography, I have combined my talents and love for dogs to create stunning, artistic portraits that truly reflect the unique personalities and bonds that exist between dogs and humans. Through my lens, I aim to immortalise those precious moments, showcasing the joy, loyalty, and companionship that dogs bring to our lives. Join me on this visual journey as we celebrate the extraordinary connection between dogs and photography.


With an unwavering devotion to the canine world, I believe that dogs possess an incomparable charm—a captivating ability to touch our hearts and enrich our lives. It is this profound connection that drives my creative spirit, allowing me to capture the very essence and beauty of these extraordinary creatures.


Every click of my camera is infused with patience, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of canine behavior. From lively outdoor sessions to serene indoor portraits, I take pride in creating captivating images that reflect the true character and spirit of each dog I have the honor of photographing.


Within the frames of my work, I strive to immortalize the soulful eyes, wagging tails, and playful moments that make dogs so captivating. Each image tells a story—a narrative of the remarkable bond between dogs and their human companions.


As you explore my portfolio, I invite you to witness the artistry that emerges from my solitary pursuit. Here, each snapshot is a testament to my profound commitment to capturing the timeless beauty, joy, and essence of dogs.

With a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of animal respect and welfare. I understand the profound importance of treating animals with care, compassion, and dignity. In every aspect of my work, from the initial planning to the final photograph, I prioritise the well-being and comfort of the animals I photograph. I strive to create a safe and stress-free environment, where the dogs can express their natural behaviours and personalities. 


By upholding these principles, not only do I capture captivating images but also promote a culture of animal welfare and responsible photography. My work stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to both my craft and the well-being of the animals I hold dear.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to create lasting memories and treasured portraits of your beloved furry companions.


Über Ihren Fotografen

Hallo! Mein Name ist Alanna und Sie sind auf meiner Website herzlich willkommen.


Ich bin ein Fotograf aus Dublin auf der wunderschönen Insel Irland. Ich habe eine große Leidenschaft für Fotografie und Tierliebe und ich habe das Glück, in den letzten Jahren aus einem Hobby eine Karriere gemacht zu haben.


Ich bin darauf spezialisiert, die Verbindung zwischen Ihnen und Ihren Haustieren und all ihre skurrilen Eigenschaften zu erfassen. Ich mag es, wenn das Fotoshooting einfach ist, ohne die Dinge zu komplizieren, so dass es für Sie beide eine unterhaltsame Sitzung ist.


Ich bin stolz darauf, knusprige, klare Fotos mit cremig verschwommenen Hintergründen aufzunehmen.

Ich möchte mit den Menschen und Familien arbeiten, die ihren Hund als Familienmitglied sehen, nicht nur als Haustier.

Ich kann Ihnen wunderschöne Fotos garantieren, die Sie und Ihre Familie für immer schätzen können!








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