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za 25 nov


Dublin 11

Santa Paws Mini Photoshoot Event

Christmas Mini Sessions November running through to December. Want a new family portrait for with Pet Photographer of the year 2023? Maybe some portraits of your dog in a Santa hat? You can also express your interest through the Facebook event at the link

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Santa Paws Mini Photoshoot Event
Santa Paws Mini Photoshoot Event

Time & Location

25 nov 2023, 10:00 – 10 dec 2023, 19:00

Dublin 11, Meakstown Commercial Centre, Finglas, Dublin 11, Ireland


About the Event

Capture the magic of the holiday season with our exclusive Santa Paws Studio Sessions! Bring your beloved furry friend to my festive studio, where we'll create enchanting and heartwarming Christmas portraits featuring your dog. I will skillfully capture the joy and spirit of the holidays as your pup poses. With a beautifully decorated set, complete with twinkling lights and seasonal props, we'll create memories that will last a lifetime. Each session includes personalized attention and treats for your furry companion, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Christmas with your dog in a truly special way. Book your Santa Paws Studio Session today and let the magic unfold! 

About the Event

Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of all the details regarding what's included in the photoshoot, instructions on how to book, preparations required prior to the shoot, payment methods, and any other relevant information.

What can you anticipate from this mini-photoshoot event?

Prepare to be captivated as I employ  expertise, creativity, and a touch of magic to create stunning portraits that truly reflect the essence of your beloved furry friends. My studio provides the perfect backdrop for capturing their individuality, charm, and irresistible expressions. The entire experience is thoughtfully tailored to ensure both pets and their owners feel comfortable and at ease throughout the session.

Whether your pup is a playful adventurer, a regal poser, or a mischievous soul, I possess an uncanny ability to bring out their true essence, resulting in mind-blowing images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

This is an opportunity dog lovers simply cannot afford to miss. The demand for my services are growing rapidly, and due to limited availability, spots for my mini shoot event fill up swiftly. Don't let this chance slip through your paws!


The cost is €70 for a 60-90 minute studio photoshoot. A combination shoot is at a reduced price for the mini sessions only so you can have a combination of studio and outdoor for €100 per dog. 

If you have three or more dogs, please kindly inform  me in advance so that I can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate you. Additionally, I recommend bringing a friend along, as handling three dogs or more requires additional time and assistance.

During the photoshoot, I strive to explore a variety of photo ideas and concepts, ensuring that I capture a diverse range of results. My aim is to provide you with a collection of images that go beyond repetitive shots, offering a wide array of unique and captivating photographs.

Let's celebrate the unconditional love and joy that our furry friends bring into our lives by capturing their essence in a way that is truly extraordinary. Join us for an unforgettable dog photography experience that will leave you with cherished memories and breathtaking portraits.

This can be payable by cash, Paypal, Revolut or bank transfer. Please note that if paying by bank transfer a screenshot of payment will be necessary before the event. Please be aware that failure to make the required payment will result in the withholding of the images. It is essential to complete the payment process in order to receive the final edited photographs from the shoot.

My mini photoshoot events are currently offered at a reduced price. However, as my schedule becomes busier, it is important to note that the pricing may be subject to change in the future.


To secure your booking, you can reach me through my Facebook page, Instagram, or contact me directly at 0894520570.

Q & A

What do you need to bring?

Just yourself, a friend if desired, your dog(s) and lots of your dogs favorite treats!!

Furthermore, I kindly request that if your dog has any dietary restrictions or allergies that prevent them from consuming cheese or all-natural peanut butter (which is used during the shoot to capture their attention and create a lively atmosphere), please inform me in advance. I want to ensure the utmost safety and health and well-being of your furry companion. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use these treats, we encourage you to bring an ample supply of your dog's preferred treats to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the session.

Your dog's comfort and enjoyment is my number one priority, and I will work closely with you to create a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

What if my dog is too shy or not comfortable in studio?

I had the pleasure of hosting a few rescue dogs during the July mini shoot event.. But one dog in particular, who happened to feel uncomfortable in the studio setting. However, we have a fortunate advantage: a park located right behind the studio. This allows me to bring your dog into an open, natural environment where they can freely roam and enjoy their surroundings.

If necessary, I can utilize a long training lead to ensure their safety and provide them with the freedom to explore. Rest assured that I have suitable equipment available in case you don't have a long training lead. By capturing portraits amidst the lush, long grass, I can accommodate shyer dogs and create a comfortable atmosphere that brings out their true essence. Your dog's well-being and comfort are of utmost importance to me, and we will go above and beyond to tailor the experience to their individual needs.

If you believe that your dog may be shy or apprehensive about studio photography and meets the criteria of a fearful dog, please reach out to me in advance. I understand that some dogs may require a more tailored approach to ensure their comfort and capture the best images possible. By organizing a morning or evening shoot, when lighting conditions are optimal, I can create a relaxed environment that allows your dog to shine. My goal is to provide a positive

and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend, resulting in stunning photographs that truly capture their unique personality.

How many final images can I expect to receive?

When it comes to professional photography, it's important to understand that each photoshoot involves capturing a large number of images, usually around 500-1000 shots. However, the final selection of 20-30 images is meticulously edited to ensure the highest quality and meet the client's specific requirements. The editing process can be quite time-consuming, as it involves tasks like color correction, retouching, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the images.

While the number of delivered images may seem limited, it's important to remember that the final selection represents the best and most refined shots from the entire shoot. By focusing on quality rather than quantity, I ensure that my clients receive stunning, professionally edited images that capture the essence of the occasion or subject.

To give you an idea... Per photo my editing requires usually up to one hour of editing, minimum. I am incredibly meticulous with my editing so they are finished to perfection.

However, I can offer additional images beyond the selected for an extra fee. If you are interested in obtaining additional images beyond the ones delivered from the photoshoot, we offer the option to view the unselected shots through an online gallery before editing. This allows you to browse through the available images and make purchases based on your preferences.  This is an opportunity to have more options and choose from a wider range of shots.

Ultimately, my goal is to deliver a curated collection of images that truly showcase the client's vision and meet their expectations.

What is the turnaround time for recieving the edited photos?

I supply sneak peaks (3-5 images) within 48-72 hours of the shooting, and the rest of the photos will follow by a private online gallery on my website within 14-21 days sooner if possible.

Can I purchase prints or other products from the photoshoot?

Yes, absolultey. But please note that this specific photoshoot event does not include any prints as a standard offering. However, I provide the option to purchase prints, wall art, and other products separately at an additional cost. Please enquire for further information.

I take great pride in ensuring that any prints or products obtained are of the highest quality, offering excellent value for money. By utilizing my services for these additional items, you can trust that the materials, printing techniques, and overall craftsmanship will meet your expectations and contribute to a lasting and visually stunning representation of your captured moments.

Can I get a photo with my dog?

Abolutley! If desired, clients have the opportunity to have a photo taken with their dog during the shoot. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and encourage customers to look their best possible on the day of the photoshoot. It is worth noting that clients never regret being in the photo with their furry companions, as these moments captured together hold long-lasting sentimental value.

I kindly request that clients who book  photo shoots and would like to be in the photos with their beloved dogs, to wear plain clothes without busy patterns. Choosing attire that complements the dog's appearance can greatly enhance the overall visual harmony of the photographs. Opting for colors and styles that coordinate well with your furry friend can create a cohesive and visually appealing result. Additionally, I recommend avoiding excessive accessories or clothing that may distract attention from the main subjects. My goal is to capture the genuine connection between you and your dog, and by following these suggestions, I can ensure that your photos are both timeless and beautiful.

Can you accomodate specific requests or themes for the photoshoot?

Yes, I can certainly accommodate specific requests or themes for the photoshoot, including birthdays and other special occasions. Whether you want to celebrate your dog's birthday or capture a particular theme or concept, I am happy to work with you to create a personalized and memorable photoshoot experience. Just let me know your ideas and preferences in advance, and we will collaborate to bring them to life during the session.

During the mini shoot event, our time is limited, which may restrict the extent to which we can accommodate specific requests or themes. However, if you have a particular vision in mind that requires more time and attention, we encourage you to book a normal session. This will allow me to dedicate the necessary resources and time to bring your desired concept or theme to fruition without any constraints.

Do you do studio only?

No, I do location shootings also! 

Experience the best of both worlds with our combined location and studio shoots... There is limited spaces available for these exclusive sessions, as they can only be scheduled in the evening and morning hours or when the light is right. Please contact us for more information on this.

To secure your spot or learn more about my services, kindly visit my website or give me a call on 0894520570

I am  more than happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

I CANNOT WAIT to meet you and your beloved canine companions!

So, gather up your four-legged friends and get ready for a delightful mini photoshoot experience. Book your time slot now and let  capture the magic of Halloween through captivating dog portraits.

Don't miss out on this exclusive event that combines the love for pets and the art of photography!

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